Inspec Neo


1] Measuring range of XYZ axis: 300x150x100mm, 400x200x100mm
2] Horizontal machine bed giving 50kg of maximum load capacity
3] Good balance between price and accuracy
4] Ease of operations - no need of costly CNC operator

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Height of Precision


1] pendrive direct access
2] Bluetooth Interface as an option
3] 20 hours Li- ion battery backup
4] Auto feature detection,
5] Online result buffer display

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- Pearl 433

Coordinate Measuring Machines

1] CMM without compressed air designed for shop floor use
2] Compact & Ergonomically designed manual machine which can be used with micro metric movement
3] Smaller foot print
4] Ideal for small components / Educational Institutes

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An 'Eye' for Quality - Inspec Vista 2D

An 'Eye' for Quality Vision Measuring Machine.

1] Measuring range of XYZ axis: 150x100x100mm, 200x100x100mm, 200x150x150mm
2] Video System for DRo - 1/3" 2MPixel HDMI camera and for vision software 1/3" 1.3MPixel USB camera

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Who we are....

We are Electronica Mechatronics (I) Pvt Ltd (EMS), one of the leading precision equipment manufacturing companies in India, established in 1986 in Pune, India. We are primarily engaged in designing and manufacturing encoders for precision position and motion control and Inspection Machines in Metrology. EMS, which otherwise started as an offshoot of Machine Tool Manufacturing, has grown into an international enterprise, manufacturing various industrial equipment such as machine tool DRO, milling machine DRO, Electra linear scale, magnetic encoder systems, and Metrology equipments like Height Gauge, Vision Measuring Machine, Coordinate Measuring Machine and many others. Over the years, we’ve built a strong network of associates and clients across the world, and have been consistently delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction across all our verticals.

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Our Products and Services

At Electronicaems, we offer a wide range of products and services aimed at helping our clients with quick results, accurate measurements, and therefore the highest levels of efficiency. Our product range is categorized into 3 major types namely position and motion control, precision measurement, and 3D scanning and measurement.

Position and Motion Control

We offer some of the most durable, heavy duty, and latest technology based optical linear encoders, magnetic encoder systems such as magnetic linear encoders, magnetic rotary encoders, digital readout systems, DRO kits, milling machine, Lathe machines, Grinding machine DRO etc.
Optical Linear Encoders | Magnetic Linear Encoders | Magnetic Rotary Encoders | Digital Readout Systems | DRO Kits

Precision Measurement

We manufacture some of the best precision measurement instruments such as 1D & 2D height gauges, various types of coordinate measuring machines, and vision measuring machines.
1D & 2D Height Gauges | Coordinate Measuring Machines | Vision Measuring Machines

3D Scanning and Measurement

Within this category we manufacture laser scanners, quelltech line, and SCANTECH 3D scanner.
| Quelltech Line Laser Scanner

Product Lifecycle Services

Besides the broad array of products that we offer, we also serve our clients with the following comprehensive product lifecycle services required for the smooth functioning and efficiency of the equipment. Some of our services include process Optimization, annual maintenance contracts, production support, installation and commissioning, value added services, upgrade/ retrofit – CMM, Height gauge, VMM, DROs, and scales, equipment maintenance and servicing, and training for the effective use of our products and equipment.
Installation & Commissioning, Value Added Services, Production Support, Maintenance/ Servicing...

Why Choose Electronicaems?

Of course, the years of experience into manufacturing do matter a lot. However, it is the quality of our services and products that have kept improving since inception, thereby delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Here are some reasons why you must choose us for your industrial equipment requirements.

  • Continuous innovation and improvement.
  • Wide range of products and services, thus offering a complete industrial solution package.
  • A team of some of the most skilled, creative and customer-oriented people working tirelessly towards delivering excellence at all times.
  • Optimized and accurate results.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification thus ensuring the highest levels of quality and compliance
  • Comprehensive services right from designing to delivery under one roof.
  • Branch Network all over India, Presence in many tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities across the country, and international presence across the globe in more than 40 countries such as Italy, Russia, Germany, France, UK, South Africa, Canada, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China, Thailand, Australia, South Korea, UAE and many others.
  • Serving some of the most reputed clients around the globe for a very long time.

If you are an industry-owner looking forward to integrating some of the best milling machine DRO, EDM machine DRO, Electra Linear Scale and Inspection Machine like Height Gauge, Vision Measuring Machine, Coordinate Measuring Machines etc. within your existing working systems, and achieve the highest levels of efficiency, get in touch with us +91 02 24229398 or write to us at


To maintain our market leadership position, we need to manufacture reliable products that give consistent performance at competitive price. For this, we rely on robust in- house processes which are time proven and yet flexible enough to adopt to new standards. We strive hard so that Quality Policy does not remain a mere certificate to adorn our walls but becomes a way to do things, no matter how small ! Our state of the art R & D is equipped with prototype manufacturing. Kaizen, implementation of new manufacturing techniques and automation of processes add scalability. The client relationship which begins with product sale, then becomes a partnership based on mutual trust and respect.


Of Happy Customers!

Our Client Say's....

"We received the machine and are very happy with it"
- M. Florencia Osa, Argentina

"Everything showed up in good condition. Thank you for helping get this done" - Mike, USA

"WOW! Truly a beautiful product, and the packaging was superb. I have not had time to actually test the scales, but feel confident that they will be everything that I am looking for and more.
Thank you so very much for working with me to acquire these wonderful scales." - Greg, USA

"thank you very much for your timely support and co operation." - Panneer, India

"thank you very much for your prompt support, excellent service support to fix the problem over phone call." - P.Purushothaman, India

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Wins Best Pavalian Award

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Wins Best Pavalian Award

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