i Prima specially made for faster inspection and is also highly useful in machines which use the optional touch trigger probes

Product Description:

    Prime Features
  • Servo Motor Drive System
  • High Resolution steel scale with 0.05 microns as option
  • High Machine Accuracy
  • Multi Sensor machine with TTP & Point/Line Laser Option
  • Automatic Module changing Rack interface as option
  • Motorized lense supplied as standard
  • Renishaw TTP TP20
  • 5 Way touch trigger Probing
  • Qucik and repeatable magnetic joint
  • SF/MF/EF modules available as option
  • Module Changing Rack MCR20
  • 6 Port Automatic Module changing Rack
  • Programming through software
  • Point Laser
  • Compact sensor with intergrated Electronics
  • Linearity upto 8micron/ Rproducibility upto 0.5micron
  • Line Laser
  • High Resoultion and high scanning rate
  • Special alogrithm for highly refective surfaces
  • Option 1-EQ5-30Option 2-EQ5-75
    Laser TypeLine Laser Line Laser
    Resolution in Zaxis1.7µm4.4µm
    Range in Zaxis30mm75mm
    Resolution in Xaxis18.6µm43.5µm
    Range in Xaxis37mm85mm
  • * Accuracy stated are at standard conditions Temperature : 20 Deg ∓ 2Deg
  • * Accuracy stated with probing system at standard operating conditions Tempurature : 20 Deg ∓ 2Deg
SpecificationsiPrima 3020iPrima 4030 
Measuring Range - X axis 300 mm 400 mm
Measuring Range - Y axis 200 mm 300 mm
Measuring Range - Z axis 300 mm 300 mm
Machine Base Granite
Machine Base CNC
Machine Construction 'C' Frame construction with Cross Table Design
Video System 1. Standard 1/3" High resolution 1.3Mp colour CMOS,GigE camera (1208 X1024)
2. Optional 1/2.5" High resolution 5Mp colour CMOS,GigE camera (2592 X1944)
Image Optics 1. Standard : 1:6.5x Magnification Motorized lens
2. Optional : 1:12x Magnification Motorized lens
Scale Resolution 0.1µm as standard), 0.05µm as an option
Lighting System 4 Rings, 8 Segements, 84 LED white ring light with collimated green LED backlight as standard
*Accuracy (Exy) ∓ 2.5+L/175µm, L being length in mm
*Accuracy (Ez) ∓3+L/100µm, L being length in mm
Max. Work piece weight 25 kg

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