Vision Snap Measuring Machine

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Add to EnquiryVPMV-PJ-0045 VSM Machine 45mm
Add to EnquiryVPMV-PJ-0075 VSM Machine 75mm
Add to EnquiryVPMV-PJ-0100 VSM Machine 100mm

Product Description:

The VSM families of Vision measuring machines are designed to measure small, complex parts with a single camera image. VSM machine uses a High resolution Video Camera with Telecentric Optics and Lighting. The machines are offered with world class MetLogix M3 software with unique advantages.

  • Compact, Lightweight Bench top measuring system.
  • Can be used on Shop floor and Standard room Laboratories.
  • VSM Family has three models with 45mm, 75mm and 100mm diagonal field of view.
  • It can do simultaneous inspection of multiple jobs.
  • Repetitive measurements possible without the need of job alignment or referencing.
  • Supports Automatic pattern recognition.
  • M3 Software offers unique features like graphics based constructions, quick annote and markup feature for selected measurement, Geometrical tolerances and many more ...
  • Surface light and backlight are programmable through the software.
  • Software supports touch screen monitors.;
  • Software supports DXF import with Best Fit and DXF export.
SpecificationsVSM 45VSM 75VSM 100
Field of view 36 X 26 mm 61 X 45 mm 96 X 71 mm
Diagonal of FOV 45 mm 75 mm 100 mm
Volumetric Accuracy E2
(where L is in mm)
4 + L/50 µm 4.5 + L/50 µm 7.5 + L/50 µm
Optics Telecentric Lens
Camera System 5 Mega Pixel USB Camera
Ring Light LED Ring light 4 sector programmable
Back Light LED Telecentric back light programmable
Maximum object height 22 mm 30 mm 30 mm
Rated Temperature 20ºC ± 2ºC
Safe operating 15ºC to 30ºC
Power USB Powered through PC
Stage load capacity 20 kg

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