Optima M

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Optima M 450HEMM-AM-0452 Add to Enquiry
Optima M 700HEMM-AM-0702 Add to Enquiry
Optima M 1000HEMM-AM-1002 Add to Enquiry

Technical Specifications:

  Optima M 450 Optima M 700 Optima M 1000
Measuring Range 450 mm 700 mm 1000 mm
Expandable Range: 765 mm/ 830mm 1015 mm/ 1080mm 1315 mm/ 1380mm
Resolution:0.010/ 0.005/ 0.001/ 0.0005 mm
Repeatability(2σ): On Plane ≤ 0.0015 mm and On Bore ≤ 0.0030 mm

Max. Measurement Speed: 600 mm/sec

Measuring Force:1.2 N ∓ 0.2
Max. Permissible Error*:2.5 + L/250 μm(L=Length in mm)
Squareness**: 6.5 μm 10 μm 15 μm
Air Cushion:Standard
Operation Time(Battery):20 hrs.
Operation Temperature:10oC to 40oC
Weight: 23 Kg 27 Kg 30 Kg
Standard Probe:Carbide ball Dia 6 x 48 mm

*Values valid with standard ball probe at temperature 20oC ∓ 0.5oC     **With Electronic probe Magnascan50

  • Optima M is with Motorised probe movement
  • Ergonomically designed controller with TFT screen with soft touch keyboard
  • Ergonomic design of air bearing operation
  • Multiple reference points
  • Passive temperature compensation
  • Data Storage on USB Flash
  • USB & RS232 port for communication
  • Li ION Battery
  • Probe accessories
  • Universal probe accessories
  • Other accessories

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