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Order Code: D1N0-32-0010
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Magna Slim is a contact less magnetic measurement system, easy to install and highly resistant to oil, dust, dirt and vibrations, making it suitable for use under harshest of conditions. The system consists of a magnetic tape, its aluminium carrier profile. This low profile system can be installed in compact spaces.

The magnetic tape slides through the aluminium profile and is held at either ends or at center, thereby allowing the free expansion of magnetic tape due to temperature effect. This modular design also offers ease of installation as well as maintenance where longer length machines are disassembled during transportation.

Magna Slim along with EMC14 or EMC25 makes an ideal choice for high speed, non-contact, accurate measurement.

Pole Pitch 1mm, 2mm, 5mm
Measuring type Incremental
Accuracy grade (per mtr) ±3.5µ*, ±5µ*, ±10µ, ±15µ, ±20µ, ±40µ, ±100µ
Tape width Metal carrier 10mm + 0.2mm, Elastomer: 8mm +0.2mm
Tape thickness 1.5mm + 0.1mm
Protective layer types Option 1: Vinyl protection layer (Thickness 0.1mm)
Option 2: Stainless steel tape (thickness 0.3mm)
Maximum length 60 meters
Thermal expansion coefficient ~ 11 X 10-6 per °C
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +85 °C
Storage Temperature -20 °C to +85 °C
Weight 70 grams per meter including the top protective cover
Carrier ProfileSpecifications
Cross sectional dimensions (W X H) 15 mm X 6.5mm
Material Aluminium EN AW - 6060
Mounting With M3 Hex socket screws

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  • Machine specific mounting brackets
  • Scale covers
  • Adapter lead sets
  • Extension cables

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