Gocator G3 Series Sensor


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Gocator G3 Series Sensor

Gocator G3 or snapshot sensor is easy to integrate with robot or cobot to add 3D guidance and vision to an inspection cell or assembly system.

Snapshot sensors use a blue LED structured light module (SLM) and stereo scanning technology to generate high-resolution, full-field scans with fast scan cycles at up to 5Hz. Blue LED SLM produces high-contrast patterns that deliver high-resolution scanning with excellent ambient light immunity, even in challenging conditions. 3D snapshot sensors produce highly reliable and repeatable results with rich 3D data visualization.

Snapshot sensors are used in a wide variety of factory automation applications for 3D measurement of stationary targets. They are used for both in-line and near-line offline measurements. They also are used with robots to create flexible measurement systems and for robot guidance applications.

  • Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
  • Inputs: Differential Encoder, Laser Safety Enable, Trigger
  • Outputs: 2x Digital output, RS-485 Serial (115 kBaud), 1x Analog Output (4 - 20 mA)
  • Input Voltage (Power): +24 to +48 VDC (9 Watts); Ripple +/- 10%
  • Housing: Gasketed Aluminum enclosure, IP67
  • Operating Temperatures: 0 to 50°C
  • Scanning Software: Browser-based GUI and open source SDK for configuration and real-time 3D visualization. Open source SDK, native drivers, and industrial protocols for integration with user applications, third-party image processing applications, and PLCs.
Gocator Series 3200 3500
Gocator Series Name Large Field of View 3D Snapshot Sensor High-Resolution 3D Snapshot Sensors
Application Gocator 2400 sensors are designed for 100% inspection of challenging targets, such as micro-features on small electronic parts, and dark materials such as tire tread/sidewall and rubber sheets in high-speed inline applications Gocator® 3500 high-resolution structured light 3D snapshot sensors bring metrology-grade performance to the inline factory environment. Be sure to explore our all-new Gocator® 3504 with an industry-best 6.7 micron XY resolution and 0.2 micron Z repeatability.
Fast scan rate 6 Hz w/ acceleration 6 Hz with PC or GoMax accelerator
Field-of-view (FOV) up to 100 x 154 mm up to 282 x 175 mm
Pick-and-place friendly for robotic/stationary inspection applicationsfriendly for robotic/stationary inspection applications
  • Road Roughness Measurement
  • Height Measurement
  • High speed Profiling
  • Proximity check
  • Presence/absence check

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