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Product Description:

Electronica Mechatronic Systems is authorized dealer for eviXscan 3D scanning technology which is developed by Evatronix S.A. - strong Polish company has more than 25 years� experience of implementing innovative projects for various branch of industries.

The eviXscan 3D line of scanners integrating Structural Light technology has been designed and is manufactured by the Evatronix Company. EviXscan 3D scanners have been successfully applied by the world�s leading industrial companies in sectors like: automotive, aerospace, maritime industry to name the few.

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We provides sales and after sales support for these instruments and have trained, dedicated sales and service engineers to look after customer needs. We also support variety of accessories and spares.

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Features Heavy Duty Quadro Heavy Duty OptimaHeavy Duty Basic
Resolution4 X 5 Megapixels2 X 5 Megapixels2 X 1.3 Megapixels
Accuracy0.013 mm0.0183 mm0.020 mm
Scanning time5 Sec5 Sec5 Sec
measuring rangesLarge � 370 x 265 x 150 mm
Small � 150 x 115 x 90 mm
250 x 170 x 120 mm260 x 210 x 150 mm
Points density Largerange � 41pt/mm2
Small range � 232pt/mm2
Unique features 1. Two ranges (no need for calibration in switching) 2. Dust & humidity resistance 3. Robustness 4. Temperature compensation 1. Dust & humidity resistance, Robustness 2. High Accuracy 3. Simple Connectivity 4. High performance/ cost ratio 1. Robustness 2. Accuracy 3. Low Cost
  • Rotating Table
  • Column Stand
  • Tripod Base
  • Mobile Workstation
  • Workstation
  • 3D Manipulator
  • 3D Printer

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