Emerald CMM

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Product Description:

Emerald is specifically designed and built to perform precise measurement of heavy duty parts. Granite Base and X and Z axis Aluminum construction with Ruby jet High precision air bearing makes it ideal for measurement of auto components & heavy components with accuracy.

The Emerald machine supports job carrying capacity of up to 900 Kg.

Emerald CMM supports all types of probing systems from Renishaw including scanning probes and 5 axes motorized probes because of which wide measurement applications can be covered.

  • Integrate Y axis in Base plate for High Rigidity and accuracy
  • Ideal for auto cpmponents and heavy components with accuracy
  • Granite base with M8 inserts for Job holding and clamping
  • Ruby jet High precision air bearing for Frictionless movement of all axes
  • Full CNC operation
  • Active Temperature compensation for all three axis and Measuring Part
  • Prismatic / Intergrated Y axis guide way as an option for all machines
  • Customized sizes and Higher Acccuracy Version are available on request

Emerald 7106

X axis: 700 mm

Y axis: 1000 mm

Z axis: 600 mm

Emerald 7126

X axis: 700 mm

Y axis: 1200 mm

Z axis: 600 mm

Emerald 9158

X axis: 900 mm

Y axis: 1500 mm

Z axis: 800 mm

Emerald 1020

X axis: 1000 mm

Y axis: 2000 mm

Z axis: 900 mm

Resolution 0.0001 mm (0.00005 mm as option)

Accuracy MPEe: 2.5 + L / 350 μm,** Where ‘L’ is measuring Length in MM

Probing Accuracy MPEp: 2.5 μm MM

Maximum job carrying capacity 950 kg*

Air pressure for air bearing on all axes. 6 Bar

Probing system Renishaw any combination ( Touch Trigger + Scanning)

Mechanical construction Moving Bridge type construction with Granite surface plate with X & Z in Aluminuim

Machine Speed (3D)600 mm/sec

Machine Acceleration (3D)600 mm/sec2

* Higher weight carrying capacity available on request

**Accuracy with Renishaw TP 200 or equivalent probing System

  • Automobile
  • Quality Labs
  • Aerospace
  • Defence
  • Railways

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