EMA21 Absolute Magnetic Encoder build in India by Electronic Mechatronics Systems


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Product Description:

EMA21 a first ever absolute magnetic encoder system build in India by Electronica Mechatronic Systems. It has also received FIE foundation award for latest technical innovation at IMTEX 2015.

Designed for precise applications like robotics & automation, it provides excellent accuracy of 15 µm/mtr. and measuring speed of 4 m/s at 1 µm resolution. Supports output protocols SSI and BiSS-C (unidirectional), along with incremental signals output in either digital RS422 or 1 Vpp analog.

Output Specifications
Resolution 1µ, other resolutions available on request
Absolute Output SSI - 70KHz to 1.6MHz
BiSS-C Unidirectional - 100KHz to 10MHz
Measuring Speed 4 m/s
Incremental Output 1Vpp Analog output @ 10 m/s max
RS422 differential output @ 4 m/s max
Accuracy ±15µ/mtr
Repeatability ±1 count
Hysteresis < 3µ
Mechanical Specifications
Tape Dimensions 10mm width, 1.8mm thickness
Maximum tape length 60 Mtrs.
Reader Head dimensions (L X W X H) 80mm X 16mm X 18.5mm
Cable and Connector Specifications
Output connector Option 1: 12 Pin M12 X 1 on reader head
Option 2: cable from reader read
Output cable PUR cable
Electrical Specifications
Supply Voltage Option 1: 5VDC ± 5% standard
Option 2: 6.5VDC to 28VDC
Operating current < 250mA
Environmental Specifications
Ingress protection class IP67
Storage & Operating Temperature -20ºC to +85ºC
Relative humidity 20% to 80% non-condensing
  • Machine specific mounting brackets
  • Scale covers
  • Extension cable

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