EL702-C - make it - EL700 2A Mill + Lathe without options
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EL712-C - make it - EL700 2A Mill + Lathe with options
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EL703-C - make it - EL700 3A Mill + Lathe without options
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EL713-C - make it - EL700 3A Mill + Lathe with options
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EL704-C - make it - EL700 4A Mill + Lathe without options
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EL714-C - make it - EL700 4A Mill + Lathe with options
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Product Description:

The EL700 a 4 axes DRO with color TFT display is a master piece in its segment. Its dynamic tool position display, soft touch keyboard provide ease of operation, hence improves the productivity. Also the attractive aluminum die casted case design provides a longer life.

EL700 on shop floor makes any machining operation fast and cost effective thanks to its dynamic tool position display, simultaneous display of 4 axis, feed rate indication. EL700 stands out for its advanced features and easy user interface.

EL700 along with standard RS422 encoders, also accepts legacy 1Vpp and 11�A encoders and distance coded encoders also.

Generic Functions
  • Sub datum (1000 steps)
  • Home / Machine reference
  • Half Function
  • Probe measurements
  • Job timer
  • Shrinkage factor entry
  • Vibration filter
  • Distance-to-go function
  • Password protected mode
  • Trigonometric calculator
  • USB and RS 232 option for communication
  • Auxiliary input / output option
  • Angular Axis configuration
  • Encoder fail detection
Mill Composite Functions
  • Bolt Hole circular
  • Bolt Hole arc
  • Arc contouring
  • R function
  • Grid array function
  • Frame function
  • Pocketing function
  • Liner Bolt Hole function
  • Slot function
  • Tool database
Lathe Composite Functions
  • Tool Offsets
  • Axis Summing
  • Axis vectoring
  • Taper Calculations
  • Rad /Dia. display
Features Details
No. Axes 2/3/4
Display 5.7"QVGA TFT display with LED Backlight
Case Die-cast Aluminium
Power 90...265VAC (50/60 Hz) 15W
Storage Temperature -20°C to +70°C /-4°F to +158°F
Operating Temperature 0°C to +50°C / 32°F to +122°F
Relative Humidity 20% to 85% Non-condensing
Dimensions (HxWxD) 192mm x 290mm x 76mm
USB Service Port Fitted as standard
Auxiliary Port Optional
  • Single arm stand
  • Double arm stand
  • Swivel mount assembly DRO
  • Auxiliary Output box for Automation
  • Remote Control for Machine Tool DRO

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