DRO EL400 -A standard DRO that can be used for milling Lathe, grinding, boring machines

EL401-S. 1 Axis Simple
EL4P-11-0000 Add to Enquiry
EL402-L. 2 Axes Lathe
EL4L-21-0000 Add to Enquiry
EL403-L. 3 Axes Lathe
EL4L-31-0000 Add to Enquiry
EL402-M. 2 Axes Mill
EL4M-21-0000 Add to Enquiry
EL403-M. 3 Axes Mill
EL4M-31-0000 Add to Enquiry
EL404-M. 4 Axes Mill
EL4M-41-0000 Add to Enquiry
EL411-S. 1 Axis Simple with Options
EL4P-11-1110 Add to Enquiry
EL412-L. 2 Axes Lathe with Options
EL4L-21-1110 Add to Enquiry
EL413-L. 3 Axes Lathe with Options
EL4L-31-1110 Add to Enquiry
EL412-M. 2 Axes Mill with Options
EL4M-21-1110 Add to Enquiry
EL413-M. 3 Axes Mill with Options
EL4M-2-31-1110 Add to Enquiry
EL414-M. 4 Axes Mill with Options
EL4M-2-41-1110 Add to Enquiry
EL491-E. 1 Axis EDM
EL4E-11-1000 Add to Enquiry
EL493-E. 3 Axes EDM
EL4E-31-1000 Add to Enquiry

Product Description:

The EL400 Digital Read Out is a robust DRO.

This DRO has special versions suitable for Milling and Lathe functionality.

A standard DRO can be used for milling Lathe, grinding, boring machines.

EL400 DRO is also available for 4 axes applications for mill or Lathe machines.

EL400 DRO is compatible with Optical and magnetic encoders. Both linear and rotary, measurements can be done with this DRO with suitable machine error compensation.

  • Half Function
  • Axis home reference
  • Machine reference
  • One touch axis zero
  • Sub Datums
  • Tool Offsets
  • Bolt-hole circle (PCD)
  • Arc Bolt Hole
  • Arc Contouring
  • Grid Hole function
  • Taper calculator
  • Internal Axis summing
  • Vectoring function
  • Line Hole function
  • calculator (Trigonometric)
  • Pre-set Depth
  • Encoder fail detection
  • Memory backup
Features Details
No. Axes 4 Axis
Display LED
Case Die-cast Aluminium
Power 90...265VAC (50/60 Hz)
Storage Temperature -20°C to +70°C /-4°F to +158°F
Operating Temperature 0°C to +50°C / 32°F to +122°F
Relative Humidity 20% to 85% Non-condensing
Dimensions (HxWxD) 155mm x 270mm x 80mm
USB Service Port Fitted as standard
Auxiliary Port Optional
  • Single arm DRO mount
  • Double arm DRO mount
  • DRO lathe mount stand
  • DRO lathe mount stand with single arm
  • DRO Swivel mount
  • Auxiliary Output box for Automation
  • Remote Control for Machine Tool DRO

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