DRO El10 - The Digital Readout System for Automation at EMS

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Product Description:

EL10 DRO is suitable for automation. It has DIN standard enclosure for panel mounting. It also has soft touch keyboard which provides ease of operation and long life of keyboard.

EL10 DRO is suitable for linear and rotary measurements. Optical and magnetic encoders are compatible with EL10 DRO.

EL10 DRO has Six Auxiliary opto-isolated outputs as standard feature which makes it convenient for use in automation.

  • Half Function
  • Inch / metric conversion
  • Axis home reference
  • Machine reference
  • One touch axis zero
  • Pre-set Depth
  • Last position storage
  • Absolute / Incremental mode
  • Radial / Diametric
  • Inside /Outside measurement with probe
  • Mounting plate included as standard
Features Details
No of Axes 1
Display 0.56"LED 7 Segment
Case DIN std. 72mm X 144mm
Power 5V 2ADC via External Adapter (included)
Storage temperature -200 C to 700 C /-4oF to +158°F
Operating temperature 0° C to 50° C / 32°F to +122°F
Relative humidity 20% to 85 % Non-condensing
Dimensions (HxWxD) 72mm X 144mm X 110.5mm
Auxilliary Port Standard
Max. Encoder current (mA) 250mA
Encoder I/P type Quadrature RS422
Auxillary Outputs Open Collector (max voltage -24V DC, max current -500mA)
  • Single arm stand
  • Double arm stand

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